Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Post


I've been contemplating starting my own fashion/art blog for quite a while now, but hadn't had the courage until now.  Also, I wasn't sure of what my blog's schtick would be...what I would do to make it stand apart.  Then I picked up the March 2011 issue of Nylon and saw a spread that emphasized three different outfits each with the same key piece.  This I quite liked since, though my wardrobe isn't tiny, it isn't huge either.  And then there was this weekend's forecast.  Thirty-six degrees today, forty-five tomorrow, and fifty on Monday.  Eureka!  In this blog, I'll take whatever outfit that I wore on a given day and then modify it, keeping one key piece, to create two other outfits that are appropriate for the same forecast but plus or minus ten degrees per outfit.

So today's key piece is a vintage Betsy Johnson dress that I scored on Ebay for $25.

The weather today (or Saturday) was about 36 degrees with snow, so:
With the dress, I wore an H&M sweater, Simply Vera tights, and vintage boots.
I'm desparate for spring, so today I'll add ten degrees per outfit.  So if it had been 46 degrees today (and it would have been raining), I would have worn:

Still with the Simpy Vera tights, Forever 21 vest, h and y shoes.  The tights that I really wanted to put with this were these:
Sheer polka dot tights from Urban Outfitters.  Next paycheck.
Now, had today been a balmy 56 degrees (and, again, raining), I would have worn:

With Aldo wingtips and, as with all of them, the appropriate outerwear.
Thanks so much for reading!  I would love some feedback!